Dormatory Option


We appreciate our distance members so much, we offer a special option to offset the burden of traveling so far to join us.

We construct several dormatory tents that are partitioned with fabric into four rooms each. They are anchored in such a way to be stable in the high wind bursts that hit the desert. Floors are tarp with area rugs, air mattress bed included. Adornments by camp members make it cozier. These tents are set up and ready for you when you arrive. All you need to bring is your own bedding.


– Must be traveling from extreme distance, especially internationally.
– Must arrive by Burner Express Bus or carpooling.
– Participating in, or leading camp events.
– Dorms are for women only.
– Preference for occupants arriving Saturday by Burner Express Bus.

You also need to know…

This program serves two additional purposes: recycle and reuse, and reduction of vehicle traffic.

Usually, you’d be buying a tent anyway, and then throwing it away after the event. The tents in the low price range are quite flimsy, known to collapse in the high winds or leak water and won’t have much room to move around.

You can stand up in our tents and we have engineers involved in the anchoring systems.


Theme camps are granted space based on the number of people being hosted and the scale of interactivity, NOT how many vehicles are parked. In fact, with more vehicles we lose credibility and too many make it impossible to fulfill camp functions. Nobody journeys to Burning Man to visit a parking lot. We have to hide vehicles from street view as much as possible.

This is another reason we offer dorm rooms. To offset the hardship and inflexibility from giving up driving a vehicle, we reduce the burden of mass in what must be brought.

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