Camp Amenities

Before reading this, be sure to absorb everything in the “Theme Camps and Burning Man” post. Behold the luxuries we share with our camp-mates that help us bring amazing things and super-karma to the Burning Man community.

Camp Includes

  • Kitchen: a place to prepare food and wash dishes. We dedicate two large tents to our kitchen, outfitted with propane stoves, wash basins, water pumps, cooking utensils, and lighting. You bring your own food and drink (including drinking water). The Burning Man principle of Leave No Trace applies here: take away everything you bring in. Any extra garbage is divided among camp members to remove on their trip out.
  • Shower: While you can survive without a shower, your stay will be so much more pleasant if you can bathe. This year we’re renting a large wastewater tank and contracting for pumpout services. A deluxe shower sits next to it.
  • Wash water: most of the dues are consumed in paying for water, storage, and disposal. Each liter of water weighs one kilogram (1 gallon=8 lbs). We’re planning for 1,000 gallons (8,000 pounds or 3,785 liters/kilograms) of water for washing bodies and dishes. Deducting 100 gallons for kitchen use, this averages to an allocation of 11 gallons of water per person during the event, 5 showers per person..
  • Chill spaces: tents and shade areas to hang out and relax, chat with new friends, or just chill.
  • Evening heat: camp offers a propane fire pit for members only.
  • Security: by virtue of being part of a camp, all your camp members are looking out for you and helping to guard your few, but critical possessions.
  • Guidance: the culture is mesmerizing and can be overwhelming. Existence at Burning Man is different than anywhere you have been, so our veteran members are available to introduce you to the highlights and help you navigate it safely.
  • Creativity: camp members bask in the glory of our streetscape and camp, knowing that they all participated in making it so. There is freedom to do as much art as you want, perform as you wish, or become involved in our event offerings from yoga to DJ dances. We have a lot of resident artists to observe creating art and discussing their masterpieces.

Burning Man works in magical ways through transformative power. Driven by a desire for discovery, visit with willingness to contribute and without expectations. We do our best to ensure everyone has an epic experience, for the origin of our success rests not with a few people, but within us all.